Вот интересный момент из того рассказа что я рекомендовало сегодня :

..."Do you know what an ident chip is?" he asks.

I shake my head.

"At its core, an ident chip is a tracker, issued and monitored by the government and forced on the general public under the illusion of choice...They are not supposed to use the tracking function while we are not on government or public property, but..."

..."Well I'm glad you asked," he smirks. "Ident chips are required to interface with almost all modern technology, bar a few notable exceptions - my bedside controls, for example. That's why I said the chips are forced on people; you're well within your rights to refuse one. But good luck catching a grav-train or even accessing your own money; calling your parents, or operating the gesture controls on a TV also need a chip. So, without one, you are pretty stuck."...

А что, очень годная идея - ты можешь не ставить себе государственный чип-трекер, но сорян, никаких тебе звонков по телефону, поездок на транспорте, платежей и прочего. Разве что в лесу сидеть, шишки грызть. Очень по иезуитски.
Чет слишком глубоковато для эротики.