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12 Mar 2018

Ахахахахахах :

Let's face the truth: Electron delivers a Chromium engine, Node.JS and V8, all rolled into one package to you. So of course it's a memory hog,
It also needed 13% of CPU time to just draw a blinking cursor (!).
It's mostly used by shitty webhipster design startups, which are just way too lazy to learn a proper programming language,

Oh, a new text editor, maybe I can use it. Click on the download link. 163MB for a text editor, ouch!
I do not know about RAM usage but that thing is already a hog on my hard drive...
20th century called. They want their computer back.
A lot of laptops still in use have one or two SODIMM slots that take modules up to 2 GB, for a maximum of 2 or 4 GB of
RAM unless you somehow connect a USB RAM drive and put swap on it. These include netbooks, used ThinkPad X61


I don't know what bubble you live in. This is just a bunch of hipsters who are excited because they can suddenly use their only programming skills to hack on desktop apps.
Electron applications are shite in comparison with proper native applications. They fail to integrate with the host platform, they are slow, they hog memory and drink power.

В россии адептов электрона называют просто - вэб-джамшуты, смузихлебы и формошлепы :)

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13 Mar 2018

Rumpelstilzchen, вот интересно, OnlyOffice сделан на том же жс, том же V8, но без ноды и хромиума, на Qt. И он жрет память примерно как десктопные приложухи. Неужто движок хрума такая какаха?

13 Mar 2018

Не какаха. Просто это неверный инструмент примененный в неверной ситуации.
Прмиерно как те попытки связать PHP с GTK и последовавшее удивление что это все глючит.

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13 Mar 2018

Да, я имею в виду при таком применении. Насколько я понимаю сама модель DOM ущербна, но если у браузеров выхода нет, то когда мы ее тащим на десктоп и выходит фейл

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